Keep Your Workforce 


Keep Your Workforce 


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Operating on the edge, the SlateSafety BAND V2 acts an early warning detection system with configurable alerts that allow an organization to follow OSHA, NIOSH or ACGIH® heat stress guidelines.


Native connectivity, redundancy and a long lasting battery life give safety officials peace of mind that the tools they're using to protect their workforce will last all shift long.


The SlateSafety BAND V2 is purpose built with out-of-the-box functionality; ready to be implemented Day 1. Our customers say:

'I just put it on and it worked.

Alert Notifications 

Prevent Injuries.

Return-to-Work Notifications 

Prevent Delays.

Action Oriented

Advanced Software

By equipping team members with the arm-worn wearable, safety officials can supervise the wellbeing of large groups through one centralized interface, providing a "single pane of glass" viewing capability previously not possible at scale.

Real-time, Frictionless, Physiological Monitoring

No need for chest straps, tablets or syncing

Worker Biometric Monitoring

Heart rate, Core temperature and Exertion levels of your workforce with configurable group and organization alerts

Location and Orientation Alerts

Toggleable GPS, No motion and fall detection when workers find themselves in unsafe locations or scenarios

Real-time Action Insights

Real-time alerts enable onsite safety supervisors to take corrective actions that prevent injuries and stop big problems before they occur

Insightful Historical Analysis

Get real data to show where near misses occur and how control implementation helps drive an impact on your safety program

"SlateSafety’s BANDs played a significant role in our ability to take protection of our workforce to the next level and helped us achieve a record year in our heat stress program performance."

- Stephanie Miller, CSP CIH

"Real-time heat stress and physiological monitoring is the biggest value a solution like this can bring to our industry."

- Sam Love, CIH

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But we do.

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